EZ Paralegal Services

Riverside:(951) 784-7685
Loma Linda:(909) 796-1191

Who We Are

The company was originally established under EZ Law Paralegal Services in 1990; it then changed to EZ Paralegal Services. We have been in business for decades because we do what we say we are going to do for our clients and we will speak to you during business hours. There are no voicemail systems to talk to.

We follow up and follow through with the services we are hired for. There are no empty promises and we will tell our clients the way it is, without any sugar-coating. Because of that, we are proud and happy to say that most of our clients are referred by others or they are repeat clients.

Our motto is "take care of each of our clients as if we are tending to an individual tree, and after a while we will have a healthy forest." We are now tending to our forest and with great care.

We have always quoted fees from start to finish, no hidden additional costs unless circumstances changed. 

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