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Riverside:(951) 784-7685
Loma Linda:(909) 796-1191

EZ Paralegal Services was founded in 1990. We will speak to you during business hours and you will not get lost in a voice mail system.

For over two decades we have followed up and followed through with the paralegal services for which we provided, as we don't give empty promises and we tell our clients the way it is, without any sugar-coating. Because of that, we are proud and happy to say that most of our clients are by referral or they are repeat clients.

Our motto has been: "take care of each of our clients as if we are tending to an individual tree, in time we will have a healthy forest." We are now tending to our forest with great care.

We have always quoted fees for our paralegal services from start to finish, no hidden additional costs unless the circumstances changed.

Paralegal Services Offered

  • Divorce, Custody, Visitation, and support Orders
  • Restraining Orders
  • Adoption
  • Guardianship
  • Conservatorship
  • Probate
  • Wills and Trusts
  • Incorporation, LLC
  • QDRO
  • and more (click here for full list) 

Riverside Office:  (951) 784-7685

6840 Indiana Ave. Suite 110, Riverside, CA 92506
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Loma Linda California Office:  (909) 796-1191

25069 West Redlands Blvd., Suite E, Loma Linda, CA 92354
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